About Tether Data
tether data
Using data to bring the environment to the forefront

Tether Data is a Kansas City MO based technology company focused on providing environmental data as a service.

Our team:

Cole has a proven track record of leading innovation and transforming business.  He has worked nationally and internationally with private and public organizations.  Cole has focused on bringing the best products to market that solve real business problems.  At Tether Data he is responsible for bringing product to market and business operations.
Dana has extensive experience creating market value.  She pioneered SaaS business models.  Dana enjoys connecting the dots for our clients and brings clarity where most people would quit.  At Tether Data she is responsible working with our partners to ensure we are creating value.
Rick has a proven track record of using technology to solve problems, leading projects for 20+ years in software and electrical engineering.  Rick is focused on driving value with a focus on quality and dedication.  At Tether Data he is responsible for our data modeling, technical platform, and ensuring we are delivering the best products to support our clients.

Serenity Cow

Mascot, avid believer in the benefit of quiet spaces.